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Sizing up your storage needs is easy with our helpful guidelines


This is a small sampling of the sizes available and will help you estimate how large a storage space you’ll need.  Then just click on the size to reserve your unit.  If you’re still unsure, simply give us a call and we’ll recommend a space that’s just right for your needs! 


Unit Size                    How to Visualize                          What Will Fit

4’x4’x4’                       Bicycle Locker                     Small appliances; sporting

                                                                              equipment; boxes, and

                                                                              other small items


4’ x 4’                          Small Closet                       Folding furniture (i.e. card

                                                                              table and chairs plant

                                                                              stands, etc.); boxes, and

                              other small items


5’ x 5’                          Hall Closet                          Small furniture (i.e.end

                                                                              tables, crib, toy chest, TV

                                                                              stand, etc); sporting

                                                                              equipment; boxes, and

                                                                              other small items


5’ x 10’                        Walk-in Closet                    Furnishings from a studio

                                                                              or small one bedroom

                                                                              apartment; outdoor

                                                                              furniture; washer

                                                                              and dryer; refrigerator;

                                                                              many boxes, and other

                                                                              small items





8’ x 10’                        Large Walk-in Closet           Standard furnishings

                                                                              from a one bedroom

                                                                              apartment large furniture;

                                                                              major appliances; many 

                                                                              boxes, and miscellaneous



10’ x 10’                      Small bedroom                    Furnishings from a one or

                                                                              two bedroom apartment;

                                                                              major appliances; outdoor

                                                                              furniture; miscellaneous

                                                                              items from the garage


10’ x 15’                      Average size bedroom          Furnishings from a two

                                                                              or three bedroom

                                                                              apartment or house;

                                                                              major appliances; patio

                                                                              furniture; or jet skis

                              on it's trailer


10’ x 20’                      One car garage                   Furnishings from a

                                                                              three or four bedroom

                                                                              apartment or house;

                                                                              garage extras; a small

                              vehicle or boat


10’ x 30’                      Extra deep garage               Furnishings from a

                                                                              four or five bedroom

                                                                              house; appliances, garage

                              extras; storage shed

                              extras; and misc items or

                              a vehicle or boat